ICON Rethink: Receipt Redesign for BERG

As a continuation of BERG’s work on Media Surfaces, we were asked to rethink the humble receipt for ICON magazine’s ‘Rethink’ section.


Our concept links retail receipts with the information systems modern tills are linked to.


We’ve added semi-useful info-visualisation of the foods ordered based on “what the till knows” – sparklines, trends – and low-tech personalisation of information that might be useful to regulars. Customers can select events or news stories they are interested in by ticking a check box.

We think the humble receipt could be something like a paper “app” and be valuable in small and playful ways.


I worked on the concept, design of the receipt & art direction for the final article.


The redesign has been featured in a number of design blogs, including Fast Company, & Dezeen.