RFID Icons

Creating a set of icons for RFID applications – CSM project and part of Timo Arnall’s ‘touch’ project, working with Nokia and user testing our creations.

As RFID is a relatively new technology (or maybe just not that well known to the general public), the original brief was to accurately convey what RFID is to the everyday consumer through iconography. I decided to look at the behaviour of people entering and exiting the London Underground, and how they used their cards. A common theme appeared – touch, action, result. This resonated well with explaining quite a complicated technology to people without much tech knowledge – ‘if you touch this with this, something will happen’.

I started to apply this to preliminary sketches, creating a 3 part ‘formula’ for the iconography. The device + action + result. ‘If you take your phone and touch it here, you’ll be debited £3.50‘. The icons then went through a process of simplification for lower res displays, and then a part-final outcome.

We then took these ideas to a workshop, with Jack Schulze (BERG London), Timo Arnall and Mark Williams (now at Venture Three). We spent a day sketching concepts and thinking about explaining this technology in a logical manner.